TomTom GO Essential - how to delete unnecessary installed speed camera files?

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When I bought my still newish GO Essential, it came with the map for the whole of Europe pre-installed. I only need the maps of UK and Ireland, and it was easy to remove the whole Europe map and install just the far smaller one I needed.

Speed camera files for the whole world seem to have been installed too. There appears to be no way to remove unwanted ones, and so reduce the size of downloaded updates from around 10Mb to the 780 Kb I was used to on my old GO 5000.

I can connect the GO Essential to a PC and access it using MyDrive Connect. I can see all of the unwanted content, and select individual items for removal. However, when I click Remove I get a "finger wagging" error message telling me that it's far easier to manage the device using the built-in WiFi updater - which unfortunately doesn't appear to have any facility for selective deletion. Am I missing a step here, or is selective deletion simply not possible with the "new and improved" GO Essential?


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    Have you tried using the new 'Remove content from your device' feature in MyDrive connect ???

    Using MyDrive Connect....
    With the latest MyDrive connect installed....
    Click On the 'My Content' button....
    Click on the Green 'Remove' Button...
    Note... When you hover the Mouse Pointer over the 'Remove' button it expands to a green 'Remove Content From Device' button....
    A new window opens titled... 'FREE UP SPACE ON YOUR DEVICE'
    Select the files you wish to remove....
    When you have made your update selection/s... Click on the 'Delete Selected' button....

    Edit... The 1st generation of Wi-fi connected devices like the GO 6200, GO Premium etc...
    Can also use the new 'Remove content from your device' feature in MyDrive connect....
    See... Updating a Tomtom Wi-Fi device over USB (Using the MyDrive Connect Menu Structure)

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Thank you.

    What you suggested was what I had tried, but it didn't seem to work.

    I hadn't realised that after doing that I had to go to the Updates & New Items menu on the device while it was still connected via USB to make the deletes.