Adverts suddenly being shown on Go Essential after last update - VERY VERY DISTRACTING....

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OK - what have TomTom done.... after the last speed camera update my Go Essential will randomly start displaying adverts (for itself!) instead of the navigation screen. This is with no route planned but the screen on to display speed cameras etc. This is distracting and potentially dangerous as the adverts appearing can be distracting - what on earth is going on and who in TomTom thought this was a good idea?


  • Willy875
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    Is it advertising or is it in demo mode?

    To deactivate the demo mode I invite you to:

    - plan a route (the device must have a valid GPS signal)
    - Drive 20s at more than 40 km/h
  • DougLap
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    Hi @ibero96

    Try creating a route on the device and then driving it doing 50KPH plus for at least 5 minutes. Hopefully that should clear the shop display permanently

  • ibero96
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    Argh... OK, never having seen a shop display..... OK - turns out the simplest way to sort this out with the minimum environmental impact is to simply reset the damn thing and then sign back into mydrive - advert display gone and all routes etc restored.

    Sorted (until the next time - thanks TomTom)