MyDrive content not in sync with Rider 550 device

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MyDrive content says I have 8 maps installed but on the device I have only 3. I think because some of them were installed on an SD that crashed and I replaced with an empty one. The problem right now is that my device is stuck trying to update maps that I don't really have installed.

I tried a device restore and a factory reset. Went successfully but issue still there. Device is not updating and I also cannot delete maps because as soon as it detects an internet connection it tries to update everything without letting me choose single packages.

Why is MyDrive content not being update with what I really have installed on the device?

Any idea if is possible to reset my MyDrive account?



  • rider1rider
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    write email to customer care
  • AlexSF
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    Yeah, I had a live chat with customer support. They made me do resets (again) and at the end they told me to leave the device updating and wait 72h to finish or timeout. The device was connected for more than 72h, downloaded about 400GB and never finished or timed out… will ask to escalate the case to next level.
    Thanks @rider1rider