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I have the go camper tour. The vehicle icon is not in the menu


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    This is because you have not downloaded the Europe motorhome map.
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    Hi @Mick-A-1966

    If you have not got the Vehicle option in Settings to select a Car or Car and Caravan etc then the map you have selected on the device is not a Camper Map. If you go to Maps in Settings what map is shown as Selected as for you to be able to select the vehicle the Map must have Camper in its name.. If you Tap the Map shown do you have a Camper map available for election if not if you go to Add a Map is a camper map listed for download. If there is such a map then I suggest you download a small map such as Venezuela to the unit then you can delete to current map and replace it with a Camper Map. It is worthwhile keeping the small map on the unit and always update any maps one at a time incase you have an issue during updating and lose the only map on the unit.