Cant connect and no maps found

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I was doing a long awaited update to my device today and it was in the process of installing the downloaded update to the device when something went wrong. I had to disconnect and switch off the device. After doing this it now says "No maps found" I have watched the video on how to solve this but I'm unable to try this out as its now not connecting to Mydriveconnect on my Mac.
Anybody got any ideas at all? Tried doing the reset of the device many times but I just get the same red screen telling me "no maps found"


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    Hi @JoblingP
    Welcome to the community! Are you using the TomTom supplied USB cable to connect the device?

    Also, have you looked at the troubleshooting steps on this support article-

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    Yes I'm using the correct cable. Just plugged it in this morning though and now it is connecting and starts to try to update straight away. I get the "do not disconnect" screen with the spinning circle in the middle. Trying again as we speak though as its just come up with "the device is not responding" message twice now.
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    I've just done a reset of the device again. Connected back to the Mac and hit update. The screen comes on Mac showing the PC with a tick and goes straight to showing the green cable saying updating device with the words waiting for device underneath. After a couple of minutes it then shows on the Mac screen that my device is not responding. I'm using the correct cable. Have switched USB ports.
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    I have the exact same problem... Since Sunday evening I updated using exactly the same procedure as I've been doing for years and I'm without navigation... So I'm driving around Germany without navigation, not that I missed, but I don't know the traffic situation...
    I was just praising TomTom to my colleagues at the weekend that I can't afford it and now I'm an idiot...
    I understand that mistakes can be made, we all make them, but why not admit them, this is how we all spend our nights, trying to update - however futilely. If TomTom had declared there was a problem, at least we would have been asleep...

    And one more reminder... If I type "dinner", why do I read "dinner" when using the preview... And so on. On other lines, again, whole words are missing...

    Why do I feel like this whole thing is going down the drain...

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