speed cameras don't appear on the RIDER 550

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I have pulled my hair of with this device since owning it. First it was the lack of support for the text messages etc, the awful MyDirve connect, and now it seems that my speed cameras have disappeared. I installed some updates yesterday which included 1095 maps and a recall an updated for speed camera.
Today on a ride there are no speed camera warning and do not even appear in the ice bar anymore (along with fuel etc). A quick google search makes everything so much more complicated. Tried installing TomTom Home which is as much use as, i don't even know what, told me I didn't have jdk installed which is incorrect, doesn't recognise my device as being connected (despite mydrive connect), and when I log in doesn't allow me to link a device. I probably don't even need this, but the advice was to uninstall and then reinstall using TomTom Home.
So infuriating, can anyone help