Adding My Places to My Routes

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Just purchased a Go Expert so grateful for some advice please.
Initial impression of TomTom support isn't great.
And is it really necessary to have the cookies warning popping up on every single page of the TomTom website???
I'm trying to work out how to add a route so that I can plan my daily (changing) route each day at work. Discovered it's not as simple as adding various stops to a route on my device!?!
So my understanding is that I need to add the MyDrive app to my phone and/or laptop and use that. What a kerfuffle.
The problem seems to be that I can't add any of my saved places to a route: when I search for the destination I want I get a load of suggestions but none of my places that I've already saved. This seems a bit rubbish. I'm guessing it's just me being a bit stupid, as I can't imagine it's designed to work (or not) this way.
Any help with this problem would be great, thanks.


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    Oh and why does my Go Expert try to send me down roads with weight/height restrictions when I've input my vehicle dimensions correctly?!? Not helpful. I bought this model as it's supposed to be for HGV drivers.