Redundancy in Maps in Italy

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Hey guys,
Been a TomTom user since late 00's. I currently still have a GO LIVE 1005, which is working really great with the latest updates: really detailed map and it's really useful for long road trips so that you dont'use the mobile app. But as i own an older device, there is a problem in italy.

Route numbers are redundant and inconsistent.
on my device and in older ones, the format shows like this:

SP24 Via Della Liberta'

the problem is that most roads mapped by the italian team of tomtom, is that road repeat their meaning, so on screen it looks kinda redundant.

like seeing "SS671 Strada Statale 671"

is kinda ugly when it should be used "SS671 Strada Statale della Val Seriana" and i think this standard should be used in the whole map.

and to get to that standard the best is to use SSXXX and get the name from wikipedia. dont know the name, get it from wikipedia, as easy as that.


so if before it was SS42 Strada Statale 42, it should be: SS42 Strada Statale del Tonale e della Mendola (be aware, wiki uses Strada Statale on declassified toad, if it's SS it should be Strada Statale, SR for Strada Regionale, SP for Strada Provinciale

also in some cases the route number is the same as the road name on the map like koj9zulpmuol.png
so it is SS566dir SS 566dir, but it glitches out my tomtom and it becomes Ss566dir in lower case, so yeah. ugly.

sometimes the route shield isnt present, just the road name, so you see Strada Provinciale 206 instead of SP206

if the road hasn't a name it should be just the shield

also sometimes the road name isnt present, just the shield, that's halfway from good but seeing SS202 instead of SS202 Strada Statale Triestina is a bit worse

this are my suggestions
would be nice to see them in map (oh and yeah, tunnel names too)