How do I overcome NO MAPS FOUND then when I update via Mydrive SORRY, SOME ITEMS WEREN'T UPDATED !!

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I'm getting NO MAPS FOUND on my start 20 device. I updated my maps recently via My drive, however now i get this message only.
Ive followed all instructions to uninstall etc and save settings. I have no content at all now on my device and when I try to install I then get an error message on my drive[ i.e computer]that states SORRY, SOME ITEMS WEREN'T UPDATED.
I have watched every possible video to get over this issue and still it shows the same message. Please please please help me as I need this for my voluntary work I do for the community. Thanking you in advance everyone.

I have contacted Support and 2 days later still haven't heard back from them!!!!


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Gillian60
    The download logs show that the installation has been interrupted due to any one of the reason mentioned under Case 3.1 in this article-

  • Gillian60
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    Thank you for responding, however having watched the video links that you have attached , it still doesn't get past my issues.

    Customer support are an absolute waste of time I'm sorry to report, they still haven't provided a solution.

    I'm now at my wits end trying to get an answer that will resolve these 2 issues.

    If you have any other ideas then I welcome then thank you.
    Kindest regards
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    If you can reset your unit. When you are booted go to map settings and add a map, Unfortunately, you loose your settings but you can get them back. This is what I did on my unit but I am guessing if it will work on yours
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    Thank you for replying.
    By reset I'm guessing you mean holding the on/off until the drums sound? If so, I've done this and it takes me to selection of language, then when I've done this it states no voice then back to no maps found.
    Cheers Gillian