TomTom Go Premium No Longer Charging

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Hi all, my Tom Tom is no longer charging which I found out whilst driving unfortunately, I thought maybe it was just the car charger but tried charging it at home via plug socket which took 2 attempts before it eventually started charging. I'm guessing there is something wrong with the charging port on the device but how do I fix this please?


  • Willy875
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    Have you checked the cable.
  • Songbirdsuzi
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    Yes I replaced the cable
  • leebroath1976
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    Give the cable a wiggle at the back, you may find it’s the connection which is dodgy

    I had the exact same issue with the Go Discover 7” with it’s slightly thicker and heavier cable, if your driving over bumps etc the cable plug eventually disconnects from the device
  • neha.pali
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    Hi @Songbirdsuzi ,

    I advise you to remove the mount of the device and then try to charge it.
    Make sure you are using the original CLA, cable, or the accessories which come with the device.

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    May well be worth trying a contact cleaner spray and very fine smear of electrical contact grease.
    I feel TT need to use more robust cables/sockets. These need to be treated with tender care.
    My computer notebook has power lead with ball contacts that mate with socket contacts...need occasional wiggle to perhaps clean surfaces...usually works.