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Hi All

I seem to be having an issue on my :GO 5100 WORLD (NL) , whereby after the recent update , there are no maps . I see the blue arrow (the 'fix' for the car position) but for the rest no streets , ways etc.
I have shown this here :

while this is my 'My drive connect' screenshot : .
I have kept the EU map on my SD card as gathered from a previous discussion [for the rec: 'Machine shows at times ''lack of space'' message while SD-space availability is gigantic'] , I have kept a small (non-used map) of Iraq ( as it was the smallest available)--> on my 'system') . this was done just to utilize my SD card which was otherwise left vacant.
All was fine till the last recent update( day before yesterday), there was an EU update also afaik.

so why am I seeing this no-map scenario ? how can I bring the EU ( NL specifically- as I want the Holland maps) map visually accessible again. ?

Thanks for any assistance

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    Hi Willy875

    Firstly Thanks for the reply !
    I followed the advice , but could not make much of it, due to two reasons:
    1) I do not have a 'corrupt' map to start with ....all is 'apparently fine'
    2) the final step mentions: '..Finally, click the map you want to have on your device and select Install ' , this function is not there , the function that I see is : (translated = ''install a smaller card'') ...but this was not the idea I guess.

    3) what I do see is, that TT has made 'iraq' as the active map [ ] I think the crux is making it know, EU is the 'active' map ..

    am I even remotely right here :) ?
    and if yes, what menu option then please...& if Not, then the instructions are not clear :) (as there is nothing corrupt or nothing to install other than a compact version)

    *Post edit : I also notice , My TT services are not responding & there is no gprs connectivity.

    My device serial # = QR1296K02004
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    Okay I got it !
    For the records:(keeping all parameters as above)
    1) I deleted 'iraq'
    2) viola....all back on Line
    3) I re-installed 'Iraq' on 'system' ...this happens in a Jiffy , as this is < 25 megs

    all is still back on line.

    Thank you 'Willy875' , thy sure is Wily :)