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Hello, first sorry for my very bad english, better i use translate, je je.
I have a smart forfour car that is from 2016, the problem is that the SD memory where the maps come from has already been failing a lot, my question is if this can be replaced with another and copied or perhaps use smart media connect to create a new one.
With this program I was able to recover the memory and update some details but I know that in a short time it will fail again, that's why I need to make another memory the same, so as not to run out of maps.
Thank you very much.


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    Hi @Hellgadillo
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    I don't think that copying the content from one memory card to another will work. My suggestion would be to check with the car dealer if they can supply a replacement SD card.

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    Thanks, the problem is that the car is no longer under warranty, I am not the original owner, it is still working because I updated it from the windows application but I think it will not last long, maybe do another one from the same application.