Speed camera& radar no works! Totom go for truck!

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I have 7 days trial on my Samsung phone and works! Than I buy The soft and I buy a galaxy tab and I instal! On my LKW îs ok White big screen! The setup îs the same but i don t see radar &speed cam. I am tester beta soft!


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    By opening your Google-web account, both devices are enlisted?
    If so dont logout, go directly to Google-Playstore and look for checkmarked: Both devices are qualified for the App to be used?
    Regardless of the SDK question for supported drivers, only to check the Android-settings needed to operate the App successfully:
    Try AmiGO (no costs and no sub, but of course not designed for trucks) and check is it running well using the built-in chipset in your tab.
    Is it able to trigger GPS, background ops, ....
    Do the same for GMaps.
    Another chance to check the chipset is to use the stable release version of GO Nav.