I had an XL which was suppose to have lifetime maps. What was that supposed to mean?

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Recently I tried updating my unit and using the exact same process as many times before, the process erased everything in the unit and would not download anything. The messages given were confusing, and probably dishonest. I involved TOMTOM and they basically blamed me for my internet going down (it didn't) and every other weak excuse in the book. And; when I say the book, I'm serious, beause it was easy to notice that they were reading text. They closed the file after I refused a 30% discount on a new unit. Has anyone else had this experience with them??


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    if device is end of support they wont repair and offer new replacement
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    Look back here on Monday, when a moderator ( @VikramK ) has had a chance to look at your account on their servers, and maybe assign an appropriate map