“no route possible” USA maps

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hi, im travelling to america next week and i bought a tomtom go premium X to take with me. i’ve downloaded the USA maps, put the airport as my starting point and the destination i wanna travel to but it states “no route possible” im scared of getting to the states and it not working. any ideas?


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    Hi and welcome to the Forum where TomTom Users help each others.

    I'll answer you here instead of in your private message to me.

    1. Wich Airport have you set as Starting Point? Ist the Airport zhat you have set as starting point and the destination on the USA Map?
    2. Have you planned the rout on the device?
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    "No Route possible" can be caused by not having all the relevant maps installed on your journey - looking on MyDrive Connect there appears to be 4 USA maps........worthwhile checking you have loaded all the maps for your route.
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    I've seen this on my TomTom in my home area near Boston / MA / USA.
    In fact, the unit really "hates" my home address and I was getting this error every time I tried to build a route to/from my home address.
    I have learned to simply use a nearby address to work around it.
    I think I also tried to report the error to TomTom. I suppose I should to use my address again sometime to see if the map/error was ever fixed.

    Good luck.
    When TomTom works it's quite nice. And when it fails, it is incredibly frustrating!