TomTom XL 250 (GJ) RDS-TMC, Mapshare, And general brokenness of the site

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So... I need help with a ton of things related to my device, and the site being really stupid broken. First question

Does my model of tomtom support RDS-TMC is it internal radio or is it external (Ebay will be my friend if it is this)

How can I get mapshare updates. There is a gas station on top of a hotel on top of a repair shop next to where I am. The location of it is a house. The button is dark greyed out

Lastly, why is the the talk to a human thing completely broken.

My device

TomTom XL 250 (according to tomtom) Model GJ

Map 1095

p.s I know it's old I just want to make it useful and the best it can be, because it's a really nice GPS