Go Dicover EU 6 loses bluetooth connection

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Hello, we bought a "GO Discover EU 6" on February 1st, 2022 and are very unhappy with it.
a) The device loses the bluetooth connection to the smartphone every time you step out (gas station) and never connects again (Samsung S10 and S7). When reconnecting, it usually takes 30 minutes (trial and error) to reconnect to the smartphone. Usually the connection is gone shortly afterwards. There is also no mobile network at the place of residence. At the moment it doesn't work anymore. (A new pairing code is constantly suggested, which then fails due to the time limit).
Therefore unusable:
-- we have no radar warnings
-- alternative routes are never suggested ... and so forth
We have a very old "GO 5000" that we are now using again as a replacement (with working SIM-Card).
What can we do? Are there still devices from TomTom with a SIM card?


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    no more sim devices from tomtom due to chip shortage problem
    try delete bluetooth history on phone and reset factory device
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    Thanks. We have already reset the device several times and now also deleted the Bluetooth history. It's enough if I leave the room that TomTom loses the connection. Then the entire procedure with the registration and the code numbers must be carried out again, whoch often fails.
    It may depend on my smartphone (Samsung S10 and S7).
    I should have returned the device immediately after the purchase. But I had allowed myself a few weeks to put it into operation, so an exchange was no longer possible.

    Without a built-in SIM card, the device is useless. I didn't know that before I bought it because I already had two devices with a SIM card.
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    Hi @THambrecht

    When you are Pairing the Phone have you turned On Bluetooth Tethering on the phone? If not then try it after deleting any existing Pairing you have to the TT unit.

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    We've tried everything in the last few months.
    Bluetooth tethering was always turned on before pairing.

    The problem isn't that it doesn't work for a moment. But that it ** never ** automatically reconnects when I leave the car.
    I can't make a complicated new connection, delete existing pairing ... bluetooth history ... every time I get in the car.
    It takes me 15 minutes to get the devices to see each other. And have to turn tethering off and on again each time in order that the devices see each other after 5 attempts. Then go through a new pairing - with ten times timeout, because one of the devices is too slow. That's madness.
    Once set, this should work so permanently that you don't even have to think about it.

    I am now sending the device to the dealer for repairs. That can't be normal.