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Hi, if I want to drive to a contact address, I go to the Contacts menu and I can't see any of my contacts stored in the outlook account (which is the one where almost all my contacts are) but only those from the google account.
Now, since any other app which require contacts permission allows to see all the contacts, I'm wondering if I'm missing something or is it a bug of the app


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    To make use of O-Contacts you have to sync the O-Contacts (MS A-App) to the A-Contacts (stock App).
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    Well... despite I already had Outlook contact sync active, and I can see all my contacts in the contacts stock app and in every other application requiring access to contacts, still cannot access those contacts through the TomTom app, which only shows contacts from the google account. And this happens in two different phones, to me seems more related to the way TomTom gets the contacts
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    I'm experiencing the same. In my case I'm on a Samsung phone so it's using their Contacts app, not Google's. When you look at the Contacts it has a category for Outlook. The "on phone" list is, of course, empty. I assume that in the Google app it is different. I tried the GO Navigation app a couple of years ago and didn't choose it because of this. I've decided it's not a deal breaker. But it's still a bit annoying that it's been going on this long. Is there a way to report this as a bug somewhere?