TT GO Premium gets lost in its own tracks

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2 weeks ago the TT lost the track in the middle of nowhere in center Belgium. The device started and stopped itself 13 times before I was fed up with it. It only recovered the day later. Yesterday on a trip through Northern France, the dreadfull thing lost the track about 20 times and shut itself down and restarted itself exactly 62 times in 5 hours. I have counted it out of frustration! Luckely most of the track was known to me and the rest was covered with my 12 year old faithfull (not updated but more exact as a TT) FALK helped me out. My TT 6100 let me down after 3 years and a few months, now this expensive Go Premium rubbish has not even 2 years. Nice no ? Oh, yes, the TrashTrash (as I call it now) is always updated. Abour a year ago suddenly all of my "places" disappeared on the device and on the computer. TrashTrash helpers could not help then, they did not understand it and that is where it ended. Where will it end now? Buying another device? Then it will for sure be no TrashTrash anymore! Anyone ?


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    Hi @amixer77

    Based on your comments I would try the following.

    Firstly go to the MyDrive Website and log into your account and see if your My Places etc are stored there. If it there are no My Places listed under Favourites then create one there and save it for later. If there are My Places there then when you do the following they should appear on the Premium.

    Now on the Go Premium do a Factory Reset.
    Tap Menu/Tap Settings/Tap System/Tap Reset Device.

    You will have to set the unit up again as you did when first used and it should sync any MyPlaces you have available in your MyDrive account. Now try on a route to see if you still have the stop starting issue. If you do still have the issue then go to MyDrive in the Go Premiums Settings and Tap Stop Syncing. You do not need My Drive on the Go Premium logged into your account whilst using Normally. If you need to receive a route from MyDrive or need to sync new data in My Drive On the Go Premium then log into your MyDrive Account on the premium when necessary all you will require is the Password as the Go P will remember the account name.


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    Thx for your reaction, Doug. I just had a look at the programmed "route" in Northern France. Appears that at several places the TT did not follow the route/track that is programmed. As this is a Battlefield Tour I will be conducting again next friday, I will take extra precautions. As I never travel without maps I will do it "the old way": on paper! So should the TT let me down again I can still continue "on the right track". -- On the computer in "MyDrive" all of my "places" and all of my programmed "routes" are there. But the TT did not follow the exact roads I put in. As it is now programmed as a "round trip" of approx 250Km, I will brake it up in smaller parts. Perhaps the TT can cope with these "small" routes. Ran the last available map updates yesterday. Should the TT fail again on friday I will take your advice and reset it to factory settings. I will not do this now, as I have no time to put in all routes and places again should they again disappear as they once did already. Fingers crossed for coming Friday!