TomTom HOME: error when contacting server

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hi, i'm going crazy because of this error i've already tried to disable firewalls and change wifi network but it still doesn't work.
I can't log in or see updates, it's like it doesn't connect to the internet.
please help me


  • lampard
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    Hi @matix753, Welcome to our Community! This error indicates restrictions like Firewalls, antivirus scanners, and pop-up blockers interfering with TomTom HOME.
    If you are using TomTom HOME on a business network, for example, in an office at your workplace, be aware that your company may have restrictions and access policies that may prevent you from connecting to our servers. Also, if you are using a public network, it could have an unstable internet connection that could cause a download or an installation failure.

    You can check that TomTom HOME has successfully connected to the TomTom servers in the connection status section in the TomTom HOME system information page.
    • From the menu bar in TomTom HOME, click Help then click System Information. Locate Connection status at the bottom of the page. If TomTom HOME is correctly connected you see the word success at the end of each line. If you see the word fail this could mean that one or more programs, for example, protection software installed on your PC/router, are interfering with the connection to our servers. It can also mean that our servers are temporarily unavailable.
    • The connection check can take up to 30 seconds to complete. If no test results are shown after 30 seconds, click Done to close the system information page, then open the system information page again. You should then see the results of the check within 30 seconds.

    Best, lampard