New Classic 5/6 inch or second hand 6100 6 inch

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I have Apple computers and use My Drive Connect but very slow 2MB/sec internet. It takes hours to update maps and MyDrive programes (hence downgraded from part Europe to UK only map.
Currently have Start 25 (8MB MEMORY) with only UK map in use. Looking for another 1 or maybe 2 Nav devices to save damage when swapping around car to car -6100 magnetic holder looks good/easy to use. I am unlikely to go outside UK and if do would probably only be to France. I have SD and Mini SD cards. (even have a France map bought a long time ago for my 300 or 710..(can't remember which)
1. There is a bewildering choice out there new and used. What would be good choice. Currently thinking:- new Classic 5 or 6 inch; used 6100 6 inch; used Supreme.
2. Will WiFi (as in 6100) allow faster map upgrades? And what happens to upgrading while on a journey (if it takes a long time to update).
2a. What will WiFi connect to (am in very rural area).
2b Assume removable Sim or are they built in only?
3. Will it be easy to register a used SatNav to my account?
4. Does the SatNav format an SD card in its own special format or is it a standard format - Fat32; exFAT...(I only have little understanding of formats) so will I be able to use SD cards I already have (say for map storage)?

I don't have a smartphone just a mobile that makes phone calls.

Fuller explanations would be good and easier to understand please.

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