no maps found go 510 europe

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Hi, I live in UK and have a TomTom 510 with Lifetime Maps, I tried to update my Europe / UK/ NI map to day as usual but after it appeared to download I got the message "No maps available, please download available map"!!

I found on this forum instruction to delete downloaded data in MyDrive on laptop (deletes cache from HOME3), remove & reformat SD card, load small map to device internal memory then reinsert SD card and reconnect to MyDrive.

MyDrive did not flag up any new update for Europe /UK /NI and the only map I can get is Europe in MyContent which is of no use to me!

So I have a device with lifetime maps with no maps & I go on holiday in UK tomorrow!

Very frustrating, please help.

TIA Andy


  • VikramK
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    Hi @BirdyBoy
    I reviewed the download logs, and it seems you have the map (Europe v10.95) installed on a memory card.
    Did you get this sorted later after posting here?

    Or, I would suggest that you do a soft reset and see if the device loads the map.