My Via 62 chooses fastest route and not the route I selected in the MyDrive EU app.

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I have a question about using MyDrive EU app on my phone. I want to send a selected route to my TomTom Via 62. The Via 62 then indicates that it has received a new destination, but by default it chooses the fastest route. Unlike the route I selected on my phone in the MyDrive EU app. How can I change that?


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    There is a misunderstanding.
    When you plan a route in the MyDrive app, 3 suggestions are made, but only the destination is sent to your device.
    The device then plans the route between the current location and the destination with the parameters that you set in the device.
    If you want to follow one of the suggestions from MyDrive, you must save the tour in MyDrive and mark it for synchronization.
    Sorry for the german screenshots
    When the Satnav has synchronized, you can access the tour in the device under "My Routes". You will see it there with a dotted arrow in front of the name.
    Please note that there is currently a known problem where an address must be entered as the starting point and not "Current location". Otherwise it will not be synchronized. No idea if this is fixed yet.

    Also note that if you synchronize a trip to the SatNav in this way, you will get a track with fixed routing.

    Easier way:
    Search the destination in SatNav itself and then let SatNav calculate an alternative. Menu/Current route/Search alternative

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    Thank you very much for your clear respond! Super!