My TomTom Go Premium says GPRS status "not connected" so services are not working anymore.

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I have already done a factory reset but that didn't help. I bought this one because of the inbuilt SIMcard so my wife wouldn't have to use her smartphone but now this doesn't work anymore and for her the device is totally useless. Directing customers to a discussion forum when they are having harwareproblems problems is no customer support. For the last 20 years we had at least 10 different TomTom's devices because we have 2 cars and recently (one month) also a TomTom Rider for my motorbike. The support is getting worse over time and now seems to be totally absent because direct contact is impossible. I do not think we will ever buy another TomTom again.


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    Hi @Ida-Marie
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    The services on the account are active, so this probably is a SIM connection issue.

    I would suggest that you report this to our customer service team along with the below details-

    • Current Country where you are located:
    • SIM ID from device (Go to Settings > System > About > and look for SIM ID) Please send a photo of this
    • GPRS Status (Go to Settings > System > About > and look for GPRS status) Please send a photo of this.

    Thanks, Vikram.