Go Premium X battery problem

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I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere - I have searched through the discussions and cannot find an answer. I have the same issue as in https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1138548/go-premium-x-screen-flashing-on-removal-of-power but there was no resolution in this discussion.
My Go Premium X is three years old and was working fine until last weekend. When I removed the TomTom from the charging cradle it just kept flashing the TomTom logo and emitted a couple of drum beats. I found that it works fine if it is plugged in, but as soon as the power is disconnected it repeats the same problem. I have performed a soft reset and a factory reset but the problem still exists. On the 'Menu' screen it shows a full battery symbol, and in the system info shown after holding in the power button it says that the battery is 98% full.
I'm sure that this is a battery problem, so here is my question : Is it possible to change the battery on a Go Premium X? I have seen other info online that says that after changing the battery the same problem reoccurs. If it IS possible to change the battery, can anyone tell me the battery type or model id? There are lots of batteries available online, but I can't find one that says it is definitely compatible with the Go Premium X.
Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks in advance.


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    Advisable to book a replacement from customer care still if you want to skip the repair charge then try
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    Thanks, but is the battery for the Premium X the same as the battery for the 6200 in the YouTube video?