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I have been waiting for a refund of £49.95 for 3 weeks. They sent me the wrong link to renew my live services. I was sent the correct one at £23.95. I was told I would be refunded in 7 days. I am now back and forth with emails and getting no where. They say the refund is with Adyen whoever they are. Are they always slow in refunding?.


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    You are on a user forum it is impossible for us users to tell you why you have not yet been reimbursed.
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    Hopefully a moderator @VikramK can look into it for you
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    Hi @ray_rig
    Sorry about the delay. I reviewed your ticket; I can assure you that our the Finance Team is looking into your case. It seems there are some issues with the settlement of the payment.

    I am sending a heads-up to our team to see if we can speed up the process.