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This mainly for TomTom Bosses
1. I have a GO710 and 300 and START 25. the 710 and 300 are both still working though bases/power supply not at best, BUT BOTH DECLARED OBSOLETE by TomTom saying memory can't cope with new programs (memory?) I SUSPECT that the START 25 is about to suffer the same perfunctory action also being declared at "end of lifetime"
I have considered looking at the GO CLASSIC but do not want to end up with 5 functioning devices of which only 1 can be updated, or even having 5 working but "end of life" devices. Totally fed up with these expensive obsolescence tactics. Also large maps and large numbers of bits of information can be a complete waste of memory space and without them the memory of the end of life devices would most likely be perfectly adequate. Also huge updates take many hours to perform on a slow rural internet. On one device, AS A SPECIAL FAVOUR, I was allocated a UK map only......some favour.....I do not use European or any other maps now my updates are shortened to a FEW HOURS. I can see that all the bells and whistles may be loved by some but why force them on everyone.

How long is it likely to be before my START 25 becomes "end of life" then how long before the GO Classic does also???????????? I need 2 SatNavs for 2 cars and 3 soon to help stop unnecessary breakages when removing and swapping around (could do with far better more robust connection system to the navigator itself).
I believe I see that GO CLASSIC updates over WiFi ("does not need a computer connection") but now only comes with LARGE sections of European maps........what WiFi does it connect to (in a rural area especially) and how? and how long do these large updates take....perhaps I am wrong but I foresee big problems with updates never being able to be completed.

3. I do not have a "smart phone" just a simple mobile that can make phone calls so "TomTom services via smart phone" are of no use.

Finally..slow down and understand the points and do not speed read this and only give answers you want (often irrelevant to points made).

TomTom still the best Satnav for routes and directing. But rapidly becoming/has become too complex for own good so many problems now being introduced.


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    Hi @25riley

    Regarding obsolescence, generally the models that have been declared obsolete are those with 2gb and less Internal memory. Some of the obsolescent models have no Extra memory slots and so the internal memory has to hold both the operating system as well as the maps and voices etc. It should be noted that Tomtom are still honouring map updates for any obsolete units that were sold with Lifetime maps although you cannot buy any extra maps, voices etc. If Regarding the Start 25 if it has not been declared obsolete then I assume it probably has 4gb of internal memory whereas some 25's only have 2gb of Internal memory.

    The GO Classic has 16gb of internal memory as well as an extra memory slot and there are many models with 4GB and 8GB of internal memory which are being fully supported. Whilst maps can be loaded on extra memory cards the Operating System and some other functions must be loaded on the internal memory and it is where the memory there is limited that the issue has arisen.

    The current Full Europe map is circa 9GB and the UK is circa 1.2 GB plus which on some models is bigger than the available memory on the device and does not leave much room for the operating system on units with 2gb of internal memory.. Maps are constantly increasing in size as new roads and buildings etc are built.


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    Thanks for your info which makes some issues a bit clearer. It would have been good if TomTom were to make some of these figures easily accessible. My Start 25 seems to have 8GB memory (my note on piece of paper though don't know where I got the info from) And I only use UK map. What is size of operating system..i.e. memory required internally.
    The 300 has 32MB RAM with SD card slot and I did actually purchase a France map. While 710 has 64MB RAM + card slot. All now apparently wasted. However my 1936 Austin 7 can be maintained with all new parts bar a very few items.
    I have a professional background in electronics (military and commercial equipment) operating and maintaining; and have been using sat navs and GPS since they were first invented and long before general public availability.
    Most computing equipment nowadays has the facility to upgrade memory without having to throw away all the rest of the parts which are still working (very wasteful and not green).
    The website I have found very difficult to use, so fragmented and can end up going round in circles too easily. The chat bot is so restrictive though with perseverance one can actually get to a human being to continue typing chat.
    It is so difficult if not impossible to find actual technical details for each item and what they actually do in real life and how they differ from another deciding on upgrades is quite a trialing and lengthy process.

    Map and route directing and re-routing still remains very good so hope they can keep it up and stay ahead of the opposition.