Anyone else having GPRS/connectivity issues or is it just me?

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So recently my trucker 6000 has gone from a reliable piece to a really unreliable piece, it loses GPRS and locks up when im driving 18m of truck about which i could really do without. Originally cancelling the route and renavigating did the business but then that failed and factory resetting cured it but only for temporary, both hard and soft resets resulted in no improvement (factory reset placed me slap bang centre of london when im 150 miles north of it!). Today was the final straw when i simply could not get it to navigate at all resorting in me having to download an app to my phone and purchasing a new sat nav - the tomtom go expert 6". This satnav actually knows where i am however i cant get it to log into MyDrive O.o i am now officially stumped as to whats going on and could use a little advise as my old is seriously acting up and my new one fresh out the box is also having complaints.