[Android Auto] Gas Stations in Route Bar

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After some longer trips using the app via AA, there was one thing that annoyed me quite a lot (aside from the fact, that the ETA always was off by more than 1-2 hours, while GM was much closer ...):

I have no idea if that has always been that way or if this "feature" showed up sometime later, but the route bar doesn't show only gas stations that are on my route, but also a few hundred meters somewhere nearby.
Eg. the route bar shows me a gas station after a junction where I have to turn left, but in reality I'd have to turn right, because the gas station is around three hundred meters in the opposite direction of my route.
I also experienced it several times when a highway leads through/along a city. The route bar showed several gas stations on my route, just they weren't there because the seemed to be somewhere left or right from the highway at parallel routes, where I couldn't reach them.
That is a quite uncomfortable feeling when you want to plan a little bit ahead or even start to run out of fuel, because the gas stations (yes, plural) you want to stop at, aren't there.
Eg. in Gelsenkirchen the route bar showed four gas stations ahead, which all weren't reachable. One on the left side of the street you couldn't cross because there was a barrier in between; same yesterday in Hamburg - even though I can understand that such obstacles are hard/impossible to consider on the map, so let's not count these ones - one where you had to turn right at a crossroad (just saw it in the mirror when it was too late), but the route lead left, and the next two weren't even visible because they seemed to be along parallel streets.
I know my car well enough to start looking quite early for the next gas station, so running out of fuel is relatively unlikely, but I would prefer to have only gas stations shown on my route bar, that are really there and not somewhere unreachable and not even visible around me in the wild.
Would be nice to have that changed. :-)
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