Tomtom Go 520 - traffic "unable to connect"

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Hi, I have two 520s, which, when they work properly, are brilliant. Both are updated at least weekly. But both seem to suffer the same repeating problem far too often. I'll set off on a route, and traffic data works fine - but then, after some distance, I'll see that there is no traffic. If I click on bluetooth connection it'll say that the phone (Samsung S21 running latest version MyDrive) is connected for calls, but below that (under data) it'll be constantly cycling through "connecting" and "unable to connect". The only solution I have found is to stop, delete the phone completely, and then reconnect - that usually seems to solve the problem, but is incredibly inconvenient when one is driving to a meeting. Occasionally putting the phone into airplane mode has seemed to work, but certainly not reliably. "drum restarting" the device rarely fixes it. Stopping MyDrive and restarting it also doesn't seem to work.

Frankly, the connection is so unreliable that I am on the point of getting rid of Tomtom and moving to a more reliable service - which would be a huge shame, as when it works (say, 80% of the time) it is far, far better than google etc.

Any suggestions for anything else I can do to make this traffic connection work reliably please?


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    You can try what happen when you pair the device witout the Mydrive App.

    Delete the pairing on both devices.
    Delete the mydrive app from phone or clear the cache and data from the mydrive app in the Android App settings.
    Then start the pairing on the Satnav out of wifi range from your home router.
    When you should scan the qr code, let the phone search for bluetooth connections.
    You should now be able to pair both devices.

    Note Bluetooth tethering must be enabled.
    When you then use the satnav you must enable bluetooth tethering.
    On my Phone (Galaxy A51) i have the App Bluetotth tether. So i can enable it with one Tap on the Phonescreen.
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    Thanks, I didn't realise it could connect without mydrive app to scan the QR code. It's not a perfect solution (having to activate bluetooth tethering each time - unless it can be left permanently enabled but just for the 520s?), but perhaps better than it intermittently not working at all.