No maps found on Megane Mk3

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I have the Megane Mk3 year 2015. It's the R-Link TomTom LIVE, application version 11.318.1700774-5014.

Since I bought the car in December the car has had this error (No maps found). The car had no SD card when I purchased it.

I found a tutorial on how to fix it and it says:

In your car, insert your SD card into your Carminat TomTom.
Turn on your car’s ignition and then switch on your Carminat TomTom.

Carminat TomTom initialises your new SD card. This takes at least 30 seconds. Do not turn off your car’s engine while the Carminat TomTom indicates that it is busy.
Switch off the Carminat TomTom and then turn off your car’s ignition. Wait another 5 seconds then remove the SD card.
Try again to connect your SD card to TomTom HOME on your computer.

The problem I have is that the TomTom home application on my computer doesn't recognize that the sd card is connected (even though my computer sees the sd card).
So does that mean that the SD card didn't initialize right? I left the car running for about 6 minutes with the SD card in the car and didn't help.

Please help!