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I recently bought a 2010 Renault Clio.
The built-in carminat has NO SD card so I can't do anything with the navigation.
Does anyone know what I can do?
I already bought a SD card from TomTom, but that's only an update, it's no use without the included map.

Navigation indicates no maps found

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    It's an SD card with the cartography you insert it in the carminat it should work.

    If it's a blank SD card

    Insert it into the GPS.
    Turn on the carminat which will copy 2 files necessary for its recognition.
    Eject the card with the button provided and remove the card.
    On the computer, insert the card and start Tomtom Home
    You connect to your Tomtom Home account (email address + password) that you associate with this card.
    Then via Tomtom Home or via the site you bought a recent cartography of Europe
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    So if I understand correctly, first insert an empty SD card to put those 2 files on it, and then do the rest step by step with the purchased SD card.
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    Hi @aad-faling ,

    if you purchased a new original TomTom SD-Card from the TomTom-Shop or your Renault Dealer with nearly latest MAP-Version (10.85), as shown here: it should work in your Carminat out of the Box.

    If it is a second hand (used) SD-Card, it wouldn't work in your Carminat.

    But watch out, there are two different Carminat-Versions installed in Renault Cars...

    Carminat (older one without Live-Services) and Carminat 2.0 Live. You have to purchase the right SD-Card for your Device.

    If you purchased an empty SD-Card, then you have to initialized it in your Carminat (it writes two files on SD-Card). Then you still have to install the System, Map and other Stuff with the Software TomTomHome via your PC or Mac on the empty SD-Card.