Tomtom go expert 7 touchscreen issues

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Hi All,

First of all I wanted to ask if any of you had touchscreen issues. Something like a 'ghost finger' problem. I've used the sat nav for 2 days and started to do that. Today i was fed up. 400 quids spent for nothing. Anyone wants i can send videos but failed in half day.

I've tried a reset, setting different languages. Connecting/not connecting to the Internet -wifi/hotspot from the phone and nothing.

Unfortunately i bought it with argos and it's been more than 30 days. They told me that my device have some personal information that need to be wiped out before they can do anything. I dont remember that I put anywhere a serial number of tomtom i use.

Any advices what I can do? Need a satnav on Monday and really wish not to spend any money on another one

Best regards


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    To delete youur personal Data from the device, you must set it to factory settings Menu/Settings/System/reset device
    I think they mean your TomTom Accout (MyDrive Account)

    In the German forum there was once a case where these "ghost inputs" were caused by the protective film.
    Have you removed it when you take it out of the Box?
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    Yeah. It's been removed before I jumped behind the wheel.

    They was saying about my data being assigned to the device and that they have to be reset by tomtom. Said also something about that they will need to contact tomtom to confirm it, before they can replace or refund it