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Hi, when i transfer a route from myDrive to my android by "send destinations" [not sync track] which is cool, we all know, that tracks are not optimal to use, then the app automagically starts the route, what is nice, but how can i save this very route to MyRoutes on device for later use?

thx Martin


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    Zoom in much as you can and then make a tap on the blue line.
    There you can store the route lokal on your Phone under "MyRoutes"
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    Better Way:
    If you have max 19 Stops and the destination, use the option "Send Stops"
    Open the Go App on your phone and klick on the Routplanner "Send Stops"
    In this moment the Routplanner sends the Stops and the destination to your App

    You should now see the Route with the stops on your phone.
    Make a short tap on the blue Routline on your phone
    Now you must use the contextmenu to store the route with Stops local on your phone.

    If you have stored it you can find the journey with a lined arrow unter "MyRoutes" in the App.
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    To save the route from the Tomtom GO application.

    After planning your route, tap on the route new window tap on the 4 dots then on manage the route add to my routes.
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    That worked ! THX