Paid for 1yr update but site saying Newer maps available for additional costs??

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Hi, I bought a 2011 Megane last year with built-in Carminat TomTom that had never been updated. So in January this year I paid £39.95 for the 1yr Map update service (I check quarterly). I've just downloaded and updated my SD card but on the Home page of TomTom Home that I use to update it has a box that states 'Newer versions of your map are available, Get them for as little as £14.99 per quarter with our New Map Update Service'. When I click on it, it then wants me to proceed with the purchase, which of course I don't want to.
Forgive me if I'm missing something but shouldn't I actually be getter the new versions of my map when I do an update as I'm still within the 12mth period of signing up for the service.
Thanks for any advices.


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    Which map version is installed on your carminat?
    the next map is scheduled for the end of the month if you have an update service you don't have to buy a map.
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    Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, I thought I'd get a notification if someone replied (but didn't) and have just logged on.
    I took the SD out from the car to check the version and when I logged onto TomTom Home the update was waiting to be put on. So sure enough, now it's on the SD Card it is no longer asking me if I want to purchase a newer map.