Does the Tomtom CEO really care about his company?

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Tomtom has definitely lost sight who keeps the company afloat? (yes us the customer)

The main reason the telephone lines have been disconnected, is to save costs / easier to just 'Chat' online to disgruntled customers.

One chat employee stated 'Customers had a better experience on Chat', I presume it was more to do with $$ (+ stop angry customers calling)

I really don't understand how such a massive company like Tomtom can have one of the worst customer services, and the reviews prove this (including my own experience).

Mr Harold Goddijn (CEO) have you completely lost interest in your multi million pound company?

Please can you look at all the UK Trustpilot reviews, it's absolutely shocking all the negative reviews against your business,

I think this needs addressing quickly to restore faith, please!

Trustpilot Reviews:


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    The CEO will have a different perspective on events – he will no doubt see the Revenues from “Consumer” products reducing from £600 million (2016) to a projected £100 million for 2022. :/

    So will be looking for ways to cut costs…………. :s = Very little product development / cut phone lines / Slash mapping staff etc etc.

    This is a somewhat blinkered view in my mind as it will only exacerbate users already poor view of TomTom who will migrate to other devices and the revenue streams will fall even further and you can see the downward spiral….. :o .

    This may indeed be TomTom’s strategy as they appear to be concentrating on a subscription model with manufacturers AI / cloud based services and may wish to partially remove themselves from the PND Consumer market - but who knows what they are thinking? :/

    However as end users we are just fed up with products that do not work as claimed in their advertising and poor support afterwards. :s