Can I connect to a TomTom 5100 just so the PC See's it as a drive? for changing the Splash Screen?

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I cannot seem to connect to my (old TomTom 5100) with the PC seeing it as just a drive,

I would like to edit the splash screen and maybe add a different car as an icon to follow

Connecting via MyDrive connect is fine, but I just want to view the files etc on the tomtom?

How do I do this? in the past I'm sure I have just plugged it in and it comes up as another drive?




  • Willy875
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    On GO 5100 it is not possible to add or modify the start screen to add a car icon.
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    OOh really :( that's a shame....

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    The early NAV2 devices used Tomtom Home and the Microsoft FAT32 filer system with access to the PC filer systems....
    But there was Piracy and cracked Tomtom Maps were available on the internet...
    Along with the induction of the NAV3 Range, right through to the latest GO Discover & Expert etc... Tomtom have used the MyDrive Secure Network Update system...
    The MyDrive Secure Network Update system does >> NOT << allow users access to the OS filer system or Maps....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM