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I wish you a nice morning.
Already approx. I've been trying to pay for the Live service for half a year, but every time it ends with the message: An error occurred somewhere. We have created the order XXXXXXXXX, but your payment was unsuccessful. I try different payment methods, different payment cards but always without success. I tried deleting cookies, a different browser, etc., as suggested by support in another thread, but that didn't help either. When asked at the bank, it was said that there was no request for payment. What with this?
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    I tried as mentioned in one thread changing the country to Ireland but got the same result...

    We have created your order XXXXXXX, but your payment has failed.
    Please start a new order and try again.
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    Maybe you contact the Support whats there going on.
    YamFazMan has discribed here how to contact the Support.
    Note that you must be logged in in the Support Area too. Otherwise you can only fight with the Bot
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    I have a similar issue. Did you find any solution?

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