The question is about VIA53 navigation device and speed limit problem that I am experiencing.

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I have a VIA53 navigation device which when purchased had a maps for life deal. After the last map update, there are quite a large number of locations around where i live and travel that report the speed limit as being 5 km/hr when the actual speed limits are 60 km/hr, 50 km/hr or 40 km/hr depending on location and time of day. When I checked these locations on the mapshare reporting site, I find that the information in the online mapshare reporting website site is actually correct. Is there a way i can ensure the VIA53 device sync's correctly concerning locations and speed limits? It used to do this quite well.


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    You only can wait for the next map update.
    I think new maps should offered this month.
    There is no chance to sync the speed in your now installed maps.