End of life for TomTom GO Classic

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I have a TTGO710, TTGO300 AND A TT START25. All 3 are working and give me routes BUT TomTom have declared them all end of life. The special offer price they have made for a new GO Classic 6" makes it a slight possibility for upgrading (so I can go back to having 1 device in 2 cars). HOWEVER:-
1. how long is it going to be before the GO Classic is going to be (summarily) declared "end of life" even though still working ????????? I do not want to end up with 4 functioning gadgets that have been perfunctorly declared end of life. Neither am I a globetrotting motorist that requires vast map areas.....not even the restricted map sections currently available and would be just happy with, in my case, just UK maps (as supplied to me once on one of my devices as a SPECIAL CONCESSION).
2. I have a reasonably good knowledge about computing/programming/memory devices to require that TT do not give a waffle answer about limited memory capacity/program compatibilities with new devices etc. I may be being sceptical but that just smacks of TT forcing you to spend unnecessary on new equipment for their benefit.
3. It is seen from many discussions under different models that people have found customer support to be difficult to access and often very poor......even suspending telephone (which I and others found pretty useless and worse than basic advice anyway).
4. I do not have nor wish to get a smart phone (have basic mobile phone for emergency when out and about) and live in a very rural area so would a GO Classic be even viable? (updates via wi-fi)

It is a great shame that TT seem to have descended into such poor service and, what seems deliberate, using built in obsolescence tactics to force spending. I have always found the routes and change to a new route when you divert off or get diverted from your route to be excellent and fast. I have always extolled these virtues to the many other members of several car clubs I belong to but now find it sad as many others do, that TT seem to be giving such poor CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am hoping I will get sensible answers to my above questions and comments. Am extremely saddened and exasperate, like many others, at current affairs.


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    Re... The Start 25... What are the 1st 2 characters of the device 'Serial number' ??? The first two letters define the Tomtom Model...
    (Only post the 1st 2 Characters)

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