Is there a Tom Tom 'google maps' type service on line??

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All, I use (and pay for) the Android Tom Tom Go app which is great. I wanted to plan a journey today whilst on my computer and did NOT want to use googlemaps. I would like to have accessed, 'online' maps by Tom Tom so I can plan the journey. (I could use my phone I guess but its only small.) Does such a thing exist or is it all on the app (or device).


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    Try using TomTom's route planning app
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    Yes, you can plan your route on TomTom's MyDrive as given to you above and once your phone and the online MyDrive are both logged in to the same TomTom account, you can send the destination or series of stops directly to your phone to start navigating.

    This is my preferred way of working and setting up navigation. :)