TomTom Go5200 doesn't start up

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My TT 5200 doens't start up anymore:
the tomtom-logo keeps flashing on and off, but the system won't stat up anymore.
I tried to connect through USB to my computer, which doens't work either.
Pushing the on/off button for al long (even very long :-) time doesn't work.

Is there any way to do a "hard reset" to getmy TT back to functioning?


  • Lochfrass
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    1.Have you a memory card in the device?
    2. If you hold the on button and leave it after the drum noise when the logo disaper, did you see then the Bios screen of the device?

    When i leave the on button when the tomtom logo disapears then i came to the bios screen of my device. This screen is needed for a recovery mode.
  • wim_d
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    No memory card (at least not accessible from the outside)
    Pushing on the on/off button has no result at all
  • Lochfrass
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    Maybe then try to contact the Support
    Make sure that you are logged in in the Support area too. Otherwise you can only fight with the bot.
  • neha.pali
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    Hi @wim_d ,
    Welcome to the community.

    You can always try to perform the recovery reset on the device when the device reboots.

    1. Click the MyDrive Connect icon
    2. Connect the USB cable that came with your navigation device to your computer.
    3. Switch on your navigation device.
    4. Press and hold the On/Off button(Do not release the On/Off button when the device restarts with a drum sound. Instead, keep holding the
    On/Off button until the device shows a black screen with white text)
    5. While the black screen with white text is displayed, press and fully release the On/Off button 3 times, quite quickly as in "1-2-3". Getting this
    timing right is one of the critical steps of this process.

    The screen goes black, and then after a few seconds, the device reboots into recovery mode.

    Try this and let us know your feedback.

  • wim_d
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    Thanks for your help, but if this would work, I wouldn't need this forum ;-)
    As I said, my TomTom is really dead, except for the logo blinking when connected to power.