How do I connect TomTom Rider 50 to TomTom Connect

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I have had my TomTom Rider for 6 months. Up until last week i was able to connect it to my Windows 10 PC to copy routes to my device. Now TomTom Connect does not see my device. It is visible in Windows Explorer. TT Connect says do you want to connect this device, I click add - nothing happens.
I have performed a factory reset on my Rider Device. I have run the windows trouble shooter. - all to no avail.
I have used Computer Management/Device Manager to look for my TT Rider. It is not there either under Network Adaptors or Other Devices.
I can use TT Mydrive on my phone to create routes and share them with my TT Rider. So it is clear that the Rider will connect to TT via blue tooth.
What do i do now.