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I am user of TomTom Go Andriod App. I am using the app via ‘Android Auto’ in 2 Vehicles, 1 x 2021 Toyota RAV4 with Standard Head Unit installed and a Second Vehicle that has an ‘After Market’ ‘Kenwood’ 2018DABS Head Unit installed.

I am also connecting to these Head units via both Wired and Wireless via an ‘Android Auto’ wireless add On device from ‘Carsifi’ (

All head units and adapters have the latest firmware available for them installed.

Having outlined my operating circumstances I am having some issues with the subscribed ‘TomTom Go’ product that has caused me to defer to the free TomTom Amigo product to overcome the issues I am facing. My preference would be to continue use with the ‘Subscribed’ product as I prefer to have the ability to utilise the offline maps that are available to the subscribed product. As a result I am wondering if you could look into the issues I am facing and hopefully offer a correcting in a software update to the TomTom Go product.

1. Default 3D View.

The TomTom Go product allows in the settings for a Selection of View to be ‘3D’. Having set this I am finding it to be ineffective. When the product starts in Android Auto it defaults to the 2 D view and stays there until the ‘Compass Icon’ on the screen is touched and the view will then change. It therefore requires an additional manual intervention every time the car starts to initiate the required default View.

On the other hand, the AmiGo product has a default driving mode within its settings. When this is set to 3D. the product starts in default in 2 D and then switches to the required 3D view when the vehicle starts moving. No manual intervention required.

Winner = AmiGo. Can the TomTom Go product be made to Mimic the free version.

2. Wireless Connection Drop Out.

When using the TomTom Go product vie the Wireless Dongle (Carsifi’ connection) the product will periodically restart. That is the Android Auto connection is still stable and available but the app itself just restarts. No apparent reason for this to occur. The time frames for this to occur is random. Some times it will be every few minutes and others some hours. And yes on each occasion it restarts it defaults to the 2 D view and required screen input to revert to the 3D view.

That said, the same Amigo product remains stable. No drop out has been experienced. It would appear there is something in the code of the Amigo product that enables the stable connection or something in the TomTom Go product code that causes this. Had the drip out / restart been occurring in both products you could argue that it is a dongle issue, however the TomTom Go app is the only app I use via Android Auto and the wirelsss connection that this restart issue occurs with. Streaming music or other apps also remain stable.

Winner = AmiGo.

3. Safety Camera Display.

I have observed an over display and alert re Safety Cameras within the TomTom product over the AmiGo product.

For example in a typical cross intersection, I note in the AmiGo Product that the Safety Cameras generally display in the direction they apply to at an intersection whereas within TomTom Go they will display on all 4 corners of the intersection. The result is that no matter which way you approach the intersection the TomTom Go product will initiate a warning whereas the AmiGo product will only initiate a warning if you are travelling in the direction that is affected by the camera. It is far better in my view to be receiving warnings that are appropriate rather than over warning.

Also the AmiGo app has a better display of the warning in terms of the light signal display on the screen and distance to the camera. Again it would be nice if this appropriate warning and display of cameras could be reflected in the TomTom Go Product.

Winner = AmiGo.

4. Android Auto Menu Options

Within Android Auto on the on the car radio Head Unit I find AmiGo has better menu options, particular relating to settings for Android Auto and the ability to vary the Volume control of voice and warning sounds. The functionality in menu items accessible from the Car Head unit within AmiGo is far superior to TomTom Go. Request that where possible TomTom Go should, whilst maintain s the n=benefits it has to also include at least the settings options available via Amigo.

Winner in the menu Options -= AmiGo

Finally as I have said, My preference would be to continue use of and subscribe to the Paid for product of TomTom Go as I prefer the Offline maps and also the ability to Plan routes via TomTom My Drive and load them, all better options than the AmiGo product, however the inconvenience of the wireless drop out and the requirement for manual intervention to initiate a 3D view and lack of an effective default view is causing me to mainly use the Free AmiGo product.

If these improvements could be considered for the TomTom Go product and implements that would be appreciated. Yes I am continuing my subscription to TomTom for the TomTom Go app . I just wish it behaved in the areas highlighted above more like your free AmiGo product.

Thank you in advance for reviewing and considering this


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    Ben het volledig eens met het gestelde.
    Heb Tt GO op proef aangeschaft omdat ik niet tevreden ben over de navigatie in mijn nieuwe auto. Ik zie bij Tt go dat sommige zaken via de telefoon geregeld moeten worden maar dat kan alleen als je nie rijdt.