TomTom Account deleted? TomTom XL Device

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I bought a TomTom XL in 2013. I still have it, although I usually use my smartphone for GPS. I had lifetime map update service. I tried to see if I could update my device, but I can not even log in to my account (I had to create a new one to post here). It says there is no account for my email address. I know my account email and my password, and I have tons of emails saved from TomTom clearly showing that I had an account on that email address. Why or how did my TomTom account get deleted?

I also an unsure if I ever downloaded the GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) update from April 2019, but I tried to click the link (which was saved in an email) and it just brought me to the TomTom home page.


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    Not sure your 2013 XL has lifetime map updates what are the first 2 letters of the serial number?
    Many XL are at the end of their life so it is no longer possible to make updates or buy a card.