GO for Android Auto missing key functions

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I am just testing out if Tom-tom GO for android auto would be Worth Paying for as an alternative to owning a dedicated tomtom navigation unit. At first glance it looks oke ish but very fast I miss some key functions

Note that all functions i mention need to be voice controlled. as these things need to be able to be done while driving. And operating a touchscreen while driving is not safe in my opinion.
(I can live with one simple touch selection per complete action)

On the tom-tom GO app on android auto i can NOT
  • Ask for an alternative route
  • Ask to Show Recent destinations or My places from Mydrive (or even google) and select one
  • See estimated Traffic delay time on the screen.
  • Stop Navigating

Since these things work well on dedicated devices with tom-toms own voice detection and
I am sure My android phone is more powerful then most dedicated tom-toms gps devices I wonder if google is preventing the tomtom app of using its own voice navigation?
Otherwise why not just port that to the app?

In my view if these things are not solved for tom-tom go on android auto i find it hard to defend a yearly subscription while the dedicated device gives with all the needed functionality that include free lifelong map and traffic / speed camera updates are a one time buy.
Also Given all the free navigation apps (including tom-toms own amigo) ,with comparable lacking functionality, available.


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    Most of the thing you are missing aren't in the Android Auto TomTom app as Google has a lot of limitations for Android Auto apps.
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    Brainsie wrote: »
    Most of the thing you are missing aren't in the Android Auto TomTom app as Google has a lot of limitations for Android Auto apps.
    Could you be more specific ?
    Do you mean that google prevents access to the car's microphone? because that seems to me is all what is needed to say "Hello TomTom" and give specific voice instructions to the app?
    For example the app can already show alternative routes as it does that when you start a new destination. It however does not let me ask for alternative routes while on my way.
    Same for the other functions i am writing about. Th app can do it it can show different destinations. I can only not ask it to do so it seems to me.
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    Fully agree to these feature requests.

    Voice control is part of G's AA-library and SDK used by TT.
    As of today TT's GO Nav. code base is just behind the maximum of the given possibilities.

    So TT please ( @lampard ) could you discuss internally and if possible expand your list of missing AA GO features?
    And YES: We are with you and know the needed time span in G's issuetracker to realize requirements outside the lib.


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    Hi guys.
    What about ,, report incidents, traffic jams or mobile speed control button" on Android auto ?
    Are devs working on it ?
    The true power of the online navigation is the community so it's a big cons that those functions are not supported on Android auto like for example Waze...

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    This post is specifically meant to point out that everything has to be voice controlled.

    So no buttons if they not can be done by voice also without the need to check the screen for anything else then routing information.

    ( It is already getting quit clear from statistics and studies that touchscreens lead to considerably more accidents.
    Some claims are drivers who use built-in touchscreen technology whilst driving are more distracted than if they were driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or using a handheld phone to call or text. I reckon Legislation will follow
    . )

    That is why I suggest tom-tom to perhaps use their own voice control software where google assistant might lack.