TomTom GO5200 Won't Go Into Standby

Wiltshire Andy
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Since a recent update, my TomTom GO5200 (Model 4PL50 4PL5.001.04) won't go into Standby when power is removed. As soon as the power is removed, the screen goes black and I do not get the choice of Standby or Power Off modes. The screen then flashes the red and white TomTom start-up logo and continues to do this until the battery is flat. The only way I can exit the TomTom gracefully and without flattening the battery is to press the rear On/Off button before switching off the engine. This brings up the Standby or Power Off selection and by selecting Power Off, I can switch it off. The standby mode doesn't work at all. I've done several soft rests and two factory resets and nothing has fixed the problem. Suggestions would be welcome!