Go discover 7 inch Software bug speed cameras

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Yep good old trusty speed camera bug is present in this also.

Planning a route through "average speed cameras that have 50mph" or less through "motorway roadworks" for instance where there is a reduction from the national limit. Will display you can do the "national speed limit of 70 mph" whilst your driving through it but have the "big red bar to advise your in one". My old tom tom 6200 displays it "correct at 50mph" and displays the motor way camera limits and warns you if your going over the new average speed in the camera zones and works out the average in roadworks.

This data is supplied from UK highways and is constantly updated.

Go discover is quite happy to tell you you can do 70mph and will display it top right on the wide bar right hand side and gives you no notification of the reduced speed limit or even your over the 50mph it just "TOTALLY IGNORES IT"

I could give loads of examples where this happens throughout the Uk so you cannot use the noise to advise if your over the temporary limits as it "DOESNT WORK". Sort it out its one line of code that`s reading the data from the wrong place the 6200 gets it perfectly right. This has exactly the same bug as the iPhone app.

Its a HUGE glaring bug I've reported lots of times on the iPhone app and now also on this software for the go discover.

@VikramK @Jürgen I've been reporting this since March