Purchased new Italy maps....twice...and no map shown to download

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Ridiculous. I have fully updated my Via 1505M, purchased the new version of Italy and it never made itself available for me to download it to my TomTom. After hours of searching and thinking I may have done something incorrectly, I followed the instructions to the letter, including a soft reset, for a 2nd time. Billed a second fee of $67.74 for another version of the Italy map that never appears or is available for download. At this point, I am running out of time as I leave on this upcoming Tuesday and will have to use the vastly outdated version...or buy a competitors GPS that isn't as difficult to used. Oh, and I want someone...anyone associated with TomTom to reimburse me my $134.28. Pathetic waste of time and money, especially with no means to call for any type of support.

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @Hobie17
    I see there is a map of Italy active on your account, the order date shows as 04th August 2022 (device serial number ending 007).
    However, I am unable to see a duplicate order for the same map.

    Open MyDrive Connect > My Content tab > Scroll down to the maps section and check for the offered updates.



    If there is a duplicate order charge on your account, get in touch with our customer service team along with the order number to raise a refund request.

  • Hobie17
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    Hi Virkam,

    I appreciate you contacting me, however, the updated map does not appear in my content tab. Regardless of any of the steps or procedures to download the map, it doesn’t make itself available to download. The second charge was from last night and has appeared on my Visa today - I would like to get in touch with customer service, but that is another task within itself, what is the best way to contact them for both charges to be reversed? Thanks for your help.
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    Welcome to the site....
    Contacting Tomtom Support….
    The phone service has been suspended (Indefinitely)
    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed
    For Tomtom Support Email or Chat lines...
    (Monday to Friday Normal Office Hours)
    Chat… Will be available during Normal Office Hours
    Email… Will be available outside of Normal Office Hours

    Step by step tips when Contacting Tomtom Support....
    Here... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1771083/#Comment_1771083


    TomTom customer support by email….
    Here... https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000679560
    Note... This link is to one of the Tomtom Support site pages... You may have to login again using your Tomtom Email & Password...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • Hobie17
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    Hi YamFazMan,

    Thank you for the info - I have since had a reply to my email from Yahshri who was able to manually install the Italy Map to MyDrive and I was able to download it successfully! Thank you for your reply, it did help!