Where are the UK Maps?

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I have a problem where my Sat Nav map doesn't match the actual map and the estate was built in 2018. I have checked on the map report section and the tomtom site map of the areas matches exactly what it should be, so it's my sat nav map which remains wrong.

However I have the large UK map and it says it is all fully up to date when I check on MyDrive Connect via my PC.

When I search on this question the answers say that there are 3 different UK maps to download but I cannot even see the option for those UK maps in MyDrive Connect. Does anywhere know where the 3 maps are and what I might have to do to gain access to them? I have a TomTom VIA 52 with lifetime maps, live in the UK and it was purchased in a UK store so I assumed it would included all the UK maps.

These are the only 2 maps I can see that would include the UK, a Europe one and a large UK map - no sign of the more detailed UK maps anywhere.


Edited to add - I have just seen the "active" thing above the Europe map but can't work out how to make other large UK map my "active map" for if I still cannot find these mysterious 3 detailed UK maps.


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    For the 3 UK maps I think you are talking about the Tomtom go app.
    For the VIA 52 there is only one card.
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    Ah thank-you, I updated the Europe map to see if it made a difference and strangely enough it has now swapped over the maps, made the UK one the active map and the map now matches the area on the ground. (So my problem is solved but I have no idea how as the UK map was fully updated before)